Welcome to HOLESHOT HARRYS and JUGS-N-STROKERS Roadside Rest. JUGS-N-STROKERS wasn’t just a bar but a place that was the epitome of freedom, where everyone was welcome no matter who you might be! Although JUGS-N-STROKERS is gone, we continuously relish the spirit we share that lives on in all of us. JUGS-N-STROKERS is a once in a lifetime place that had a profound effect on everyone who walked through the door! It sounds almost unbelievable but the lifelong friendships that were formed, soulmates united, and new families that blossomed were nothing short of amazing! The connection or bond we all feel is still celebrated till this day! Take a trip down memory lane and become engulfed in a magical place that celebrates a truly magical time!

Holeshot Harry was a motocrosser and a friend of mine from the early days of racing on Long Island, New York! Harry really knew how to nail the starts and he would just rip it, hence the name, “HOLESHOT HARRY” was born! HOLESHOT HARRYS is a place not only to rekindle the days gone by of motocross on Long Island but the people who were and are instrumental in keeping it alive today! We really want to shed light on the people active in maintaining awesome practice facilities which are` becoming practically more and more extinct on Long Island! Harry may have faded to the back of the pack but he had a lot of heart. After almost 50 years we’re still racing, well now bench racing is more our speed! HOLESHOT HARRYS is a celebration of our LOVE of Motocross and the dedicated people involved in it! HOLESHOT HARRYS combined with JUGS-N-STROKERS Roadside Rest is created to be a fun hangout for a very diverse group of guys and gals who love everything from tattoos to tequila! Long Island has always been pumping out some truly great world renown motocrossers from Sonny Defeo to Justin Cooper and a ton of other riders who are amazingly fast. HOLESHOT HARRYS will have interviews from people who are currently working behind the scenes to the Motocross pros of yesterday and today’s hottest racers. Your support and contribution of any old Long Island moto pictures or stories you might have would help revisit the rich racing history that Long Island has! Calling on everybody that has raced at Westhampton to Bridgehampton to the beautiful 10th Street track to make it happen! Long Island has amazing heritage in all forms of motorcycle racing. The truly great shops way back in the day were, MOTOCROSS SPECIALTIES, OWL MOTORCYCLES and GHOST MOTORCYCLES. These shops were operated by people who truly loved motocross! So, If you like Moto cross (especially 2 strokes) you’ll love HOLESHOT HARRYS! I LOVE MOTOCROSS and I know you do to! Your support will help us grow and evolve, let’s have some FUN!

Let’s support and promote our sport!