Welcome to Hole Shot Harrys

Welcome to HOLESHOT HARRYS and JUGS-N-STROKERS Roadside Rest. JUGS-N-STROKERS wasn’t just a bar but a place that was the epitome of freedom, where everyone was welcome no matter who you might be! Although JUGS-N-STROKERS is gone, we continuously relish the spirit we share that lives on in all of us. JUGS-N-STROKERS is a once in a lifetime place that had a profound effect on everyone who walked through the door! It sounds almost unbelievable but the lifelong friendships that were formed, soulmates united, and new families that blossomed were nothing short of amazing! The connection or bond we all feel is still celebrated till this day! Take a trip down memory lane and become engulfed in a magical place that celebrates a truly magical time!